Granny Square Day 2019

Granny Square Day 2019 is coming!!! This will be it’s sixth year on Thursday 15th August 2019. I was super excited to be asked by at Simply Crochet Mag to be a Granny Square Ambassador, myself and three other amazing ambassadors @annaboos_house, @katiejonesknit and @barbertondaisy  will be sharing exclusive free Granny Square patterns on our blogs and social media sites. Simply Crochet Mag have been working hard to bring you lots of tutorials, videos, freebies and more!


If your new to Granny Square Day, it’s super easy to join in and get involved. On August 15th, take a picture of your granny square and crop the picture into a square shape, so that your square neatly fills up the entire space.  On the day share your picture on your Instagram, and use the #grannysquareday2019. Your squares will then be added to virtual blankets. 


So make sure your following Simply Crochet and all there ambassadors to watch out for all the latest Granny Square news and fun stuff leading up to the big day.  So all you’ve got to remember is ‘ Be there and be square’. Wise words from Granny Square Founder @suregal27


Stroll down for my Flower Granny Square pattern.



Flower Granny Square Pattern

Yarn: You can use any yarn with the  right size hook. I used Ricorumi cotton DK

005 Vanillia, 008 Rose, 012 Pop Pink, 002 Butter, 010 Smokey Rose, 003 Light Blue, with a 4 mm hook.

Pattern is written in UK terms.


Round 1: Starting with your first colour make a magic ring, 12tr into ring. Sl st to join. Fasten off. (12tr)


Round 2: Join new colour, 1dc in 1st st, 1htc, 4tr, 1htc in next st, 1dc in next. Repeat to end of round. Fasten off. ( 6 petals 6dc)


Round 3: Join new colour, working in the back of your work, join into the back of 1dc, ch5, sl st into next dc, ch5, repeat until you have 6 spaces of ch4.


Round 4: Turn your work so it’s facing right way, working in each ch5 space, 1dc, 1htc, 1tr, 4dtc, 1tr, 1htc, 1dc in each ch5 space around. ( 6 petals)


Round 5: working into the back of your work, we need to create 4 spaces of chain 6, each chain 6 space will become a grannysquare corner in round 6. To start, join your yarn into the middle of any petal, ch6, sl st into last stitch of next petal, ch6, skip one petal and sl st into the midde of your next petal, ch6, sl st into last stitch of next petal, ch6, sl st into your starting point of this round. you should now have 4 spaces of chain 6.


Round 6: Join new colour, into any ch6 space, have your work facing right way, 3tr, ch2, 3tr in same space, * 3tr, ch2, 3tr  in next ch6 space, repeat from * to * another 2 times. Fasten off.


Round 7: Join new colour, sl st into ch2 corner space, 3tr, ch2, 3tr in same space, 3tr in next space, repeat to end of round, join with sl st. Fasten off.


Round 8: Repeat round 7 adding extra side spaces of 3tr. Fasten off.


Round 9: Join new colour, 1dc in each st around, working 1dc, ch1, 1dc in corner spaces.


Fasten off sew in all ends.