Ribbed crochet hat

I’ve been making this style ribbed hat for years now, its such a easy pattern and a very quick satisfying make, it's a great beginner project also makes great gifts for friends and family.

Ive made my hat in this gorgeous  yarn from Sirdar called smudge chunky beautiful chenille yarn, lovely and soft, the texture in the pattern is amazing.

Anyway it's a super pattern, all you need to do is crochet a rectangle around your lovely head, fold it in half, sew or slip stitch the sides together to make a tube, sew around the top, pull tight to close, finish by adding a fluffy pom-pom on top.

I got the ribbed look by working treble crochet stitches into the back loops only, you can create similar effect with half triple crochet stitch or single crochet stitch. Stroll down for written pattern.


size 8 mm hook

yarn Sirdar Smudge- soft chenille yarn

yarn needle

fluffy pompom 


Written pattern 

Row 1- Chain 33, work 1 tr  into 3rd ch from hook and every stitch to the end. If you would like the hat longer add more chain stitches to your starting chain.

Row 2- Work in back loops only, work 1 tr into every stitch across, ch2 turn. Repeat row 2 until your rectangle is long enough to wrap around your head.


When your happy with the size of your rectangle, fold it in half so that the two short ends line up, sew together the two shorts sides. Thread your needle with a long strand of yarn, sew through each row all the way around the top of your hat, grab both ends of the yarn and pull tight to gather the hat in, tie both strands together,  sew in all your ends. Turn your hat the right way, fold over the bottom, and stick or sew your fluffy pom-pom on top.