Star doily pattern

I came up with this pattern a few years ago holidaying in the south of France with my good friend, I was teaching her to crochet at the time. The star doily pattern is super easy and a very fast make, fab for granny square lovers, you can use up all your odds bits of yarn, they look fab made in any colours. 


Please remember im sharing this pattern for free, writing it down in my spare time for you all to enjoy. If you feel like contributing a small amount to my coffee fund that would be lovely, haha my PayPal is

Sweet star doily pattern 



Every Round I joined a new yarn colour, and finished each round with a slip stitch.


I’ve used drops Paris cotton for my star doily and a 4.5mm hook. You will also need scissors and a yarn needle.


Crochet stitches used, pattern in UK terms.


Sl ST - slip stitch

Ch - CHain

Dc - double crochet - US single crochet

Tr - treble crochet - US double crochet


Rounds 1-2 start of with making a 2 round granny square.


Round 3 - in every corner space and middle space crochet 3tr ch2 3tr, sl st to finish round. 


Round 4 - only in every corner space 3tr ch2 3tr, sl st to finish round.


Round 5 - in every corner space 3tr ch2 3tr, every  space  between 3tr.


Round 6 - repeat Round 5.


Round 7 - 3tr ch2 3tr, in corner space, 3tr into next space, skip next space, 3tr into next space, 3tr ch2 3tr into next corner space, repeat all the way around, sl st to finish.


Round 8 - 3tr ch2 3tr into corner space, 3tr into every space between to end of round, sl st to finish.


Round 9 - double crochet in every stitch to end, working 1 dc 1ch 1dc in each corner space. Sl st to finish. Sew in all your ends.


You should now have one Sweet star doily, don’t forget if your on Instagram to tag me @sweet_sharna in your star doily pictures.

You can also turn your star doily into great size little coasters. Just crochet five rounds of the star doily and edge all the way round with double crochet. A very quick and easy coaster.