Rose cardigan kit review

When the coolest company around Wool and the Gang contact you, and tell you they like your crochet work, how flipping happy did that make me. So excited they asked if I would like one of their amazing kits to try. Wow so many wonderful kits to choose from. I was really taken with the Rose cardigan kit, took me forever to pick a colour because they have so many lovely colours to pick from. It was toss up between the peppermint green and pink lemonade. Has you can see I went with the pink lemonade, but they kindly sent me some peppermint green to try too.


Picking the Rose garden kit because I was looking for a modern, calm easy fun pattern to crochet, and this cardigan is just what my wardrobe needed. This is the kind of pattern you can make while watching you favourite series on netflix #netflixandcrochet or to take out and about. 

The kit

When it comes to opening the kit, it's like opening your favourite box of chocolates. Inside the kit your have everything you will need to make the cardigan

8x shiny happy cotton

1x Rose cardigan pattern

optional 6.5 mm rose wood crochet hook

sewing needle

The packaging from WATG is so cool, just love to see my name written on the box in great big black letters, just gives it that extra WOW factor.

The yarn and pattern

Now let's talk about the yarn SHINY HAPPY COTTON I love it, so soft and smooth not splity at all, has a beautiful drape perfect for making gorgeous items to wear.

Quoting WATG 


"the ancient Peruvians believed that cotton was like fragments of cloud fallen to earth to clothe the people in the land of the Incas a gift from god"


The cotton uniqueness is a result of Peru's sunshine and fertile soil where it is grown. Literally have a little glow over me when I wear it.


When it came to making the kit, The pattern they provide was very clear well written, easy  to understand. I went  down a hook size from the suggested 6.5 mm to a 6 mm, only because I found my tension and stitches a lot neater. The pattern is very repetitive only stitches you use are uk triple, single crochet and chain stitch, but in a enjoyable easy way, perfect for a beginner. When I finished crocheting my last stitch the next step was  to sew the seams together I actually single crocheted them together which worked just as well.

My finished cardigan

Totally in love with my finished new cardigan, its so pretty and comfortable to wear, absolutely love the colour, my friends and family want me to make them one, the ladies that is. I better hurry up and teach them to crochet.


Would I buy myself a WATG kit ? That would be a great big fat YES. They are extremely special, cool modern crochet kits, the yarn is Stunning your will not be disappointed.

I hope you've enjoyed my totally honest review, have not been paid or asked to write this, I was just so impressed I had to let you all know. Just one  last thing to say, what a lovely, helpful and supportive company WATG are, any questions or queries they answer back very quickly. So go on treat yourself.