8. Jun, 2017




crochet hook (I've used a 5 mm hook)

yarn needle

Lets begin


1. I made a chain of 19, you can make your chain any length to fit your sunglasses.


2. Now we are going to work a single crochet into the second chain from hook, in the next chain work a triple  stitch, in the next chain a single crochet stitch, in the next chain a triple crochet stitch, your need to continue in this pattern, alternating single crochet and triple crochet stitches to the end of the row.


3. We are now going to follow the same pattern in this row. Start with a chain 1 on every row, you always need to work a single crochet into a triple crochet. The first stitch I'm working into is a triple stitch, start with a single crochet first, then a triple crochet into the next stitch which should be into a single crochet. Continue this to the end of the row. 


Because I've used odd chain numbers my rows will alternate beginning with single crochet and triple stitch. If you've used even amount of chain stitches at the start, each row should begin with a single crochet.


Hoping you've got the idea. You just keep repeating the same pattern making sure each row begins with a chain 1 until you have your desired length. I Crocheted 45 rows, using my sunglasses to measure my length, by placing them at the beginning row, then folding my crochet in half over my sunglasses making sure their completey covered.


when your happy with your length, again fold it in half, wrong side facing, use your yarn needle to sew the edges together, weave in all your ends, turn the right way. Slide your sunglasses in, Tadaa one finished case.